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Softcap $252,000
Hardcap $504,000

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a decentralized

Vivi is a decentralized platform that offers empowering applications for secure Web3 interaction. With four distinct apps - Vivi LiveVivi Sport and Vivi Academy - it caters to various user needs and offers a complete solution for the Web3 market. Experience control over data and content with blockchain technology. Join the decentralized revolution with Vivi

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VIVI Mission


Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to make money on social networks, regardless of the number of subscribers.


Blockchain-based Vivi dApps wants to offer users a platform to share and interact with short videos in a transparent, fair and secure manner.


The Vivi will offer users increased control and ownership of their data and content and will not be controlled by any single entity.


Smart contracts streamline certain processes such as the creation and sharing of videos, and the handling of user accounts and rewards.

Vivi works within the Attention Economy framework

Other social media consider a user as an information and advertising influence target. But a Vivi user is a full system member, partner and beneficiary

The Attention Economy sees human attention as a scarce commodity making it a new oil! The founder of this concept is the Nobel laureate Herbert Simon

The main idea is that attention is converted into income with digital platforms. You pay your attention to what you want, and get paid for it. Your attention has a certain cost

Through the Game mechanics, Vivi users earn together with the platform by converting their attention into money

Character Vivi

VIVI NFT-Glasses

Sign Up
and Get NFT Glasses
Watch feed and get
boxes with VRV tokens
Buy NFT glasses and get
VRV tokens when
viewing the feed
The higher the rarity of NFT glasses, the more points you get when you level up and the more tokens you can earn
Upgrade NFT glasses
Buy additional glasses to increase the amount of Attention and the time of watching the feed




VIVI — is a governance token with a total supply of 1 000 000 000.It allows you to level up your NFT glasses. You will need it to vote for the introduction of new features in the app in the future.

Level up your NFT Glasses

Vote in ViviDAO for the introduction of new
technologies in the application

Minting new NFT Glasses

Staking VIVI in 3 Vivi Staking pool



VRV is a utility token
All accruals in the app are carried out with this internal token. VRV will automatically accrue to the wallet inside the app when a user is viewing the feed. The speed of its accrual algorithmically depends on the number of earned tokens: the more they are earned, the more difficult it is to get new VRV tokens.

Bonus in Vivi app for watching feed

In-app transaction

Make in-app donate.

token for minting new NFTGlasses.

1 000 000 000

total supply

$0.0068 sold out

Private Sale price

$0.0098 sold out

Presale price

$0.018 live

Publick sale price

VIVI & VRV utilites


Viewing the feed
Receiving boxes
Getting donations from users
Winning awards for the best content creators


NFT glasses leveling
NFT glasses minting
NFT glasses charge
Promoting your content on the platform
Buying ads through an ad account


Alex SaleevFounder of Vivi Technologies
  • Crypto investor since 2015
  • Crypto enthusiast
  • Serial entrepreneur with more than 4 years of experience in the international market
Jhon ProctsVivi General Art Director
  • Manages a team of designers
  • 15 years experience in design development.
  • Developed design for more than 20 projects
Christian CruzVivi Team-Lead Developer
  • Manages a team of programmers
  • Developed many crypto projects
  • Senior Full-Stack developer
Costas Patriciu
Jhon SacsCFO
  • Participated in the development of tokenomics of many crypto projects
  • 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market
  • Higher economic education


Creation of the concept
of the Vivi application
Recruitment of a team
at Vivi HQ
Creation of VIVI
Create Whitepaper
version 1.01
Creation of the concept
of NFT Glasses
Creation of smart contracts for VIVI, VRV and NFT
Creation of the concept of the Vivi application
Launch Vivi Dashboard
open Vivi Launchpad
VIVI Staking launch
Private Sale $VIVI start
done kyc and audit for VIVI
presale $VIVI open
sign marketing company
Create logic for Attention framewrok inside application vivi, test work of this with smart-contract $VRV and nft-glasses
launch vivi ido
list $VIVI on pancakeswap, liquidity lock 3650 days
sign cex for listing $VIVI
mint nft-glasses genesis collection
launch vivi nft marketplace
Launch of Vivi App version 1.01 in AppStore and GooglePlay
signing influencer for active advertising of Vivi application
listing $vrv on dex/cex
open competition “best vivi content creator 2023
start developing of vivi sport


How much will Vivi NFT glasses cost?
NFT Glasses will cost between $20 and $1,000 at the launch of the Genesis collections.
What is the Genesis Collection?
The Genesis collection is the launch launch of NFT glasses from the creators of the project. The amount of Genenis is 10000 NFT Glasses on the marketplace and 1000 free NFT Glasses.
Will only 10,000 NFT Glasses be available?
No, all other points except Genesis will be created by users with the help of mint from two pairs. Lido from points which will be found in chests.
Can I get NFT glasses for free?
Yes, when you launch the Vivi app, there will be a random distribution of 1000 NFT Glasses between users who register. So stay tuned so you don't miss this giveaway.
How many types of NFT glasses will there be?
There will be 6 types of NFT rarity, they are Starting, Simple, Rare, Unique, Epic, Legendary.
What affects the rarity of NFT glasses?
The rarity of NFT Glasses affects:

- The number of points that users will receive when leveling up NFT Glasses.
- The number of Attentions the user has.
- The amount of reward when watching the tape.
- Initial characteristics of NFT glasses.

And also for a possible time by viewing the tapes without recharging and the likelihood of finding rare chests.
What does Attention mean for NFT glasses?
Attention - means the amount of time when viewing the feed for which users will receive rewards.

1 Attention = 15 minutes
Will it be possible to sell NFT glasses?
Yes, any user will be able to sell their NFT Glasses on the marketplace inside the application or in the browser version of the Vivi marketplace.
Where can I download applications?
At the moment, the application is under development, but we will launch it in the AppStore and GooglePlay.
How to get VRV tokens?
VRV tokens will be received by users in the form of a reward when watching a feed, creating content, or in the form of donations from other users.
What can I spend VRV tokens on?
Users with the help of VRV tokens will be able to: Raise the level of NFT Glasses, mint new NFT Glasses, recharge NFT Glasses, promote content and donate within the application.
How to get VIVI tokens?
There are several ways to get VIVI tokens: Early stages of the token sale, participation in the launchpad, participation in AirDrop and Bounty campaigns, receiving rewards from chests while watching the feed. Or buying tokens on CEX and DEX.
What can I spend VIVI tokens on?
Users with the help of VIVI tokens will be able to: Make a mint of NFT Glasses. Participate in voting within Vivi DAO to host or create new app features. Exchange VRV tokens for VIVI within the application and withdraw VIVI tokens to DEX or CEX for exchange. Participate with staking.
Will VIVI staking be available to users?
Yes, VIVI token staking will be available to users. They will also have access to three types of staking.
How are the types of staking different?
- The first type of staking: This is 100-1000 VIVI with APY - 9.5% and with Lockup for 30 days
- Second type of staking: This is 1000-5000 VIVI with APY - 13% and with Lockup for 90 days
- The third type of staking: This is 5000+ VIVI with APY - 19% and with Lokcup for 180 days
Will the referral program be available to users?
Yes, for content creators, after a certain number of subscribers, a referral link for new user registrations will be available.
What is Vivi Sport and when will the app be available?
Vivi Sport will be developed after the launch of the Vivi app. Vivi Sport introduces an application where users will be able to post short videos of the best moments from all sports. As well as live broadcasts from the world of sports. In-app Vivi SportBet will also be developed but in order to participate in Vivi SportBet users will need to do KYC to make sure they are 18+. At the same time, the difference between Vivi SportBet is that users will be able to place a decentralized bet in the VIVI token or another cryptocurrency.
For whom will the Vivi and Vivi Sport apps be available?
Vivi and ViviSport will have no limits other than 7+, since both apps are decentralized applications we will not limit users. Except Vivi SportBet which will have 18+ restrictions.
How can I participate in the VIVI Token Early Sale?
There are several ways to participate early in the VIVI token sale:

- On the vivi website, participate in the WhiteList where you will need to complete some steps such as subscribing and commenting on social media. networks.
- Follow our telegram or Twitter channel where different sales stages will be announced on PinkSale, Polkastarter and DAOMaker. Also IFO on PancakeSwap.
Can all users participate in WhiteList?
Yes, all users can participate in the WhiteList, but only 1800 will be selected from all participants for the first sale.